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Welcome to the LAW Auto Group website.  In an impersonal world, we sell one-of-a-kind luxury, sport and exotic autos to one-of-a-kind people, one person at a time.  We make painstaking efforts to find excellent and rare pre-driven cars in pristine condition -- we hand-select each one.  We check engines, operating systems, technologies, luxuries, and the intangibles -- styling, color, interior textures, etc.  The cars are kept indoors, in our spotless warehouse.  While these are pre-driven cars, we do everything humanly possible to ensure that every vehicle that goes out of our door is impeccable.

We sell these finest pre-driven autos to the public online, through eBaymotors, and our website, at near wholesale prices, often saving our customers thousands. Any car that does not meet our demanding standards is sold to our dealer network or at auction.  We have spent decades selling cars across America...always one car and one person at a time and always at dramatic savings.  We finance cars.  We offer extended warranties. We ship cars anywhere in America and the world -- we are located near Chicago's O'Hare.  We even pick up our customers at O'Hare and drive them to our facility, so they can see and test drive the cars that match their wants, needs and desires.

Many companies echo our motto -- "The customer is always first and always right." We live it, every individual, every car, everyday.  We hope you will view our autos and join our LAW Auto Group family.

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